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  • Listening to: white trash beautiful
i figured after four months of laziness or ignoring deviantart or hiatus, whatever people call it nowadays, i would drop in and finally do a journal entry because i'm bored. and antsy. and i like to talk about myself.

i realized that a lot of what i write is just rambling and that there is not a great moral story to most of it. or if there is, i never intend there to be. i just intend to write some interesting gibberish that comes out of my head. and sometimes it flows and sometimes it doesn't. that is the trial and error of life.

and i've been thinking a lot lately. probably because it's going to be time soon for me to grow up and do adult things like learn how to not accidentally run people over or spend all my money on clothes when the rent is due.

i'll probably get back to writing since thinking does that to me. i need somewhere to channel some of my thought seizures. maybe write a book about bullshit or a bullshit book. not sure yet.